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At the Innoprom-2021 international industrial exhibition, held from 5 to 8 of July in Ekaterinburg, Sber's stand presented an advanced disinfection robot, a common project of Sber's Robotics Laboratory and the research and production company Special Control Technologies LLC, which is responsible for the mass production of the robot.

The robot performs disinfection with industrial grade UV lamps, used for professional cleaning of indoor air and surfaces. Compared to its predecessor, the modified disinfection robot operates with more powerful UV radiation; its intensity has been doubled.

The new robot is also equipped with movement sensors with 360-degree coverage. Thanks to these, it reacts to the presence of people or animals in the disinfected area and turns off the UV lamps. This technology eliminates the possibility of injury during the decontamination process, making it completely safe.

The quality of disinfection, through the use of a robot, is considerably improved, it is carried out from various points and even in places that are difficult to reach.


This robot is a versatile solution aimed at preventing the spread of any respiratory disease. It makes disinfection much more accessible; all you have to do is press a button and the robot moves around the room and performs the UV treatment by itself. Built-in sensors help the robot to observe all precautions to both humans and the environment.

Alexey Stepanov, Head of Robotics at SCT, LLC.

About SCT

Special Control Technologies is a Russian scientific and technical manufacturing company founded in 2018.

The company's main lines of business:
- Creating security systems using biometric recognition technology;
- Prototyping and series production of robots for various industry segments;
- Design and manufacturing of a wide range of electronic devices, including specialised banking equipment

The company provides a full range of services for the development, production and integration of products and solutions.

Company website: https://www.stc-groups.ru
For cooperation: sales@stc-groups.ru


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