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Gorkovsky Agro-Industrial Complex

Gorkovsky Agro-Industrial Complex

STC integrates VisionLabs biometric access control system at the Gorkovsky agro-industrial complex

Gorkovsky Agro-Industrial Complex is a high-tech greenhouse enterprise in the Nizhny Novgorod region that produces indoor vegetables all year round.

To ensure security, the company has implemented an access control and management system based on VisionLabs PC vision technology (part of Sber's ecosystem). It prevents the use of other people's badges and unauthorised access to the premises.

All you have to do now is look through a camera on the access control terminal to enter the agro-industrial complex. The system recognises the person and opens the turnstile if there is a match in the existing employee database. The non-contact method of passage is not only more convenient but also safer during a pandemic, as it does not require direct interaction with the device.

In addition, access control is integrated with the VisionLabs Thermo epidemiological monitoring system. It detects the temperature of employees, identifying people with an elevated body temperature which is one of the first signs of possible illness. People whose temperature exceeds the set threshold will automatically be blocked from entering the building.

The detection of a person with a temperature above 37 °C is followed by an instant notification to the operator in charge. The system allows you to set up sound and light alarms and send event messages to the work chat.

The epidemiological situation can be monitored with an online summary of staff and visitors of the company, and a history of previous day's measurements can be viewed.

The implementation of VisionLabs technology into the infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex was carried out by the research and production company Special Technology Control (STC), which made it possible to put the technology into operation easily and promptly. At the same time, STC ensured that the solution was scalable for future use.

"The delivery of this high-tech development by VisionLabs, part of the Sber ecosystem, enables access control and security at the agro-industrial complex site, while also fulfilling the most important task today in an epidemiological environment, namely, ensuring optimal conditions within the team in terms of disease control, allowing only employees with temperatures below 37 °C to work. It is a real lifesaver, not only for the employees of the agro-industrial complex, but also for their families, loved ones and, of course, the company's customers. At Sber, we deal with this matter in a planned and systematic way, from daily monitoring to specific organisational issues".

Petr Koltypin
Vice President, Chairman of Volgo-Vyatsky Bank of Sberbank

"It is now a priority for every employer to take care of the health of their employees who, due to the nature of the company's business processes, cannot work remotely. The solution offered by VisionLabs not only helps to monitor access to the agro-industrial complex buildings, but also to control the epidemiological situation within. There, it is important to set up the equipment carefully so that both the employer and the company staff can be assured of the safety of being on the premises. We have succeeded in this task”.

Andrey Zimin
Deputy CEO of STC, LLC

"The use of computer vision technology increases the throughput capacity of the through passage as recognition takes a fraction of a second. VisionLabs algorithms provide high identification accuracy in glasses, masks, headgear, scarves and therefore do not require employees to take any additional actions. The solution allows you to quickly upgrade your existing access control system and significantly increase security".

Ilya Romanov
Director for Commerce of VisionLabs.

Press office
of the Nizhny Novgorod Head Office of Sberbank,
Volgo-Vyatsky Bank, Sberbank PJSC
Ksenia Parusova

Sberbank PJSC is one of the largest banks in Russia and one of the leading global financial institutions. Accounting for approx. a third of the assets in Russia’s banking sector as a whole, it is a key lender for the national economy and a leader in the deposit market. The majority shareholder of Sberbank PJSC is the Russian Federation, represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, which owns 50% of the authorised capital of Sberbank plus 1 voting share with the remaining 50% minus one voting share held by Russian and international investors. It serves customers in 18 countries and runs a wide branch network across Russia, including around 14,000 service points. The bank's overseas network consists of subsidiary banks, branches and representative offices in the UK, US, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, India, China and other countries. General Banking License No. 1481 dated August 11, 2015, issued by the Bank of Russia.
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VisionLabs – is one of the world leaders in creating products based on PC vision and machine learning. Our customers include financial and transport companies, retailers and international technology corporations. The company's main products are the LUNA PC vision and video analytics platform and a range of devices based on its own technology (Luna Ace, Luna Pos, Luna Thermo, etc.).

According to regular independent tests by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), VisionLabs' algorithms have consistently ranked first. Among the company's investors are: Sberbank and the Sistema_VC venture capital fund. The company is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Official website: https://visionlabs.ai/
Further questions:pr@visionlabs.ru

Special Technology Control (STC) («СТК») is a Russian scientific and technical manufacturing company founded in 2018.

The company's main lines of business:
- Creating security systems using biometric recognition technology;
- Prototyping and series production of robots for various industry segments;
- Design and manufacturing of a wide range of electronic devices, including specialised banking equipment

The company provides a full range of services for the development, production and integration of products and solutions.

Company website:https://www.stc-groups.ru
For cooperation: sales@stc-groups.ru


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